Fabelfjord is an animation studio located in a quaint modern city called Tromsø in Norway, far out in the northern hemispheres. The studio works under the mysterious covers of the northern lights in winter, and the insomnia inducing midnight sun in the summer, in the pursuit of creating inspiring and engaging stories for children and the young at heart


Team Fabelfjord: 


General manager/ producer

General manager and producer, Merete Korsberg Dalsbø has worked on documentaries in Australia and children's television productions in Singapore. She has many years of experience as a journalist within the Norwegian media industry. Before becoming a partner in Fabelfjord she worked as sales- and marketing manager for Lofoten kulturhus. 


Creative leder

Animator and illustrator, Endre Skandfer is a young veteran within the Norwegian animation industry with over 15 years experience from the biggest production studios. He has directed several short films, commercials, commission films and music videos, as well as the children's TV-series ”Ku-toppen”.  

Endres homepage
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Development producer

Producer and script writer, Endre Lund Eriksen is a recognised and award-winning children's  book author. He also wrote the script for the critically acclaimed book ”Pittbullterje”. The film received several awards, including an “Amanda” for best children and youth film. Endre is also Creative Director of "Verdens Beste", a children`s film festival held in Tromsø, Norway. 

Endres homepage
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